Introduction: Retro Wire Ring

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This ring project is pretty straight forward and simple to make.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

This ring project is pretty straight forward and simple to make. The materials prepare here are:

1. Recycle cable wire from some old TV cable.

2. Tab from soda pops or any aluminum cans drink ( I use normal silver to show the steps here)

(some did has color as you can observe the gold color on the pictures)

3. If you have mandrel for ring sizing else you could find some round object which has roughly

the dimensions size for your desirable finger to fit in. ( I chosen my third finger)

4. Tweezer for cutting wire

5. Scissor to chip of the cable slightly

6. You may add soldering for touch up option on finals

Step 2: Bend the Soda Slightly to Follow the Curve of Your Finger

Take the soda pop and use the tweezer to bend as observe on the pictures.

Step 3: Shaping the Ring

Take your cable wire going over the space between the soda pop, make a loop (picture 1) and this is the time to start measure your finger size with a jewellery mandrel or any round object that fits the size of your desirable finger to be fit into (picture 2) . Go a few more loops until it is entirely full (picture 3). When wire is not moving much anymore then you can finalise the shape with leaving a little room for the cable to be done at later step (picture 4).

Step 4: Finalizing Your Ring

From last step now chip off the blue cable to show the copper wires ( picture 1) . Attach a silver round plastic bead ( picture 2). End the loose gaps with some soldering ( picture 3). Continue putting on the bead on the other end wire ( picture 4) at this point, you may pull the wire up a bit and loop may be pull slightly but no worry, after you soldered the end gaps ( picture 4) pull back the loop to its original shape ( picture 5) . The moment waiting for ( picture 6)

Hope you enjoy it now with your "Retro wire ring "

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