Introduction: Private Storage Box With Functional Key Lock

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First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my first Instructable! This took me three days to make, and I hope you enjoy it! This is the "Private Storage Box With Functional Key Lock". It's like a mini-safe, with a functional key that you can make at home!


  • Single-ply cardboard
  • X-acto knife or scissors
  • All-purpose glue
  • Hot glue
  • Template
  • 2 magnets

Step 1: Print the Templates

First, download the PDF and print the template. Make sure to print it using Adobe Acrobat, and when printing, select the option of "actual size".

Step 2: Glue the Templates on Cardboard

Ok, great! Now that you have printed the templates, we must glue the papers on top of the cardboard. This task is simple, and honestly I don't really have to explain how you have to do this.

Step 3: Cut Out the Template

Now, for the printed templates, you need to cut out the black lines.

Step 4: Score and Fold the Template

Ok, now that we have all the pieces cut out and ready to assemble, to make life easier for us, we need to score the folding lines (red lines). Make sure to fold them inwards (towards you).

Step 5: Ready, Set, Glue Together!

Now that you have all of your cardboard pieces cut out and folded, we can continue to the next step, gluing the uppercase letters on top of the lowercase letters. You must do it in the alphabetical order ("A" on "a", then "B" on "b", etc). After doing this you have to glue one of the pieces in the form as you would with a regular paper box: it should end up like in picture three.

Awesome, now that you have this done make sure to glue only one of the squares with the number 1 on the pieces you previously glued together, that have the words "Left", "Back" and "Right" written on to them, and then glue the square 2 on the complete hollow square box.

If you don't understand, in the photos above, you can see what I mean.

Step 6: Build the Key Lock!

How is your craft looking like? Now we have to make the lock system!

Before anything, make sure to measure the diameter of every circle with spikes on it. After doing this, you should have three different measurements, one bigger than the others. If your templates were printed using Adobe Acrobat's option of "Actual size", sizes should be 3cm and 2cm of diameter.

1. DONT DO THIS STEP ON THE CIRCLES THAT DO NOT HAVE HOLES: Now get the paper bands that we previously cut, and put glue on the spikes of each circle with a hole or oval and wrap the band around it, forming a cylinder. It should look like in picture 3.

2. Now we have two 3cm diameter circles with holes: one of them has an oval, for now, put it away. Get the one with a circular hole, and put the top circle on it (put glue on the spikes of the circle that has no hole, and glue it inside of the one with a cylinder with a hole). Then you should have something looking like picture 6. Roll up the rectangle piece that has spikes and glue it inside the hole of the cylinder. Finally, glue a magnet at the end of the pole and make sure that it doesn't repel with another magnet. Now you should have your key, it should look like in picture 7.

3. Now place a magnet inside of the 2cm diameter circle and make sure that you have your key ready with the magnet to check if it attracts: if it does, good job! If it doesn't, take the magnet from the key around and glue it back on correctly. Now, roll up the rectangle piece with spikes again and glue it inside the hole of the cylinder. When you have this done, glue the top of the 2cm diameter circle (the one with a hole)... let the glue dry and when it is, quickly hot glue the magnet and the tube by placing it inside the hole. You should end up with something like picture 4.

4. Get the 3cm diameter circle and put inside the piece we just made in step 3, DONT GLUE THIS TO THE BOTTOM OF THE 3cm DIAMETER, LET IT BE LOOSE.

Then glue the circle with the oval on top, make the pole go through the oval. DO NOT GLUE THE POLE TO THIS PIECE, OR THE MECHANISM WILL NOT WORK. When the glue dries, make sure the middle pole turns around, if It does, congratulations that you made this far!!! If not, you might have to back some steps. Now that we have a pole, get the triangle looking piece

5. Now we should have two pieces: a key and a lock system. Glue the lock system with hot glue to the printed circle on the square panel, that has a bottom layer with the number 2. After doing this, it should look like picture 5. If you lock works, and can move perfectly, glue the top flap on (the cardboard piece that has the number 1 on it).

Step 7: Create the Handle

Now we should have three pieces left, one of them is bigger than the other two... fold and glue all of them, like if they were a regular paper box, when you have done this glue them like in the picture above. After, glue it onto the box, where you would normally hold to open the cabinet.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Creation!


Congratulations, you have finished your creation!!! Once again, thank you for viewing this, and please vote for me if you liked it, and don't hesitate to ask questions if you need to! Bye!!!

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