Introduction: Prop Crowbar (For Cosplay)

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This is a great project for a cosplay costume and a great accessory. Enjoy!


  • Wire
  • foam noodle
  • paint
  • hot glue

Step 1: Parts

Cut 3 foam pieces 2 of them 4 inches and one of them 14. Then cut a piece of wire that is 20 inches long.

Step 2: Glue

Now hot glue the foam pieces together and stick the wire into it. then seal the ends shut with hot glue.

Step 3: Shape

Now shape it into the shape of a crowbar using the wire inside. Then paint it white for a base

Step 4: Paint

Now paint it however you want it to look (Blue and green, red and white, etc...) I decides to paint it red and silver to keep it basic. Look at pic for details.