Introduction: Purple Butterfly Bottle Necklace

This cute bottle charm necklace is the perfect bit of purple to go with your purple ensemble! To make this bottle charm you will need these materials:

- 2ML glass bottle with cork
- Ice Resin
- Dried baby's breath flowers
- Sketchbook paper
- Martha Stewart butterfly hole puncher
- Purple and white acrylic paint
- Black micron pen
- Tweezers
- Super glue
- Screw eyepin

STEP 1: Take your dried baby's breath flowers and find a good sprig of about 2-3 flowers that are connected by the same stem. Break it off and gently push the sprig of flowers through the opening of the bottle until they are settled into place inside.

STEP 2: Time to make your butterfly! For this step I like to use a slightly sturdy sketchbook type of paper (not something thin that will wrinkle and curl with water added to it.) Take your purple paint and spread an even coat of it on both sides of your paper. Once the paint has completely dried, take your butterfly hole puncher and cut out a small butterfly.

STEP 3: Decorating your butterfly! You can search for pictures of butterflies online and choose which pattern you like best for your's. Using a fine tipped black micron pen, draw the black markings onto the butterfly. Do this on both sides, and then you can take some white paint and add small decorative dots on the wings, if you wish.

STEP 4: Adding the resin! Ice resin will keep your butterfly posed in the center of the bottle to make it look like it is flying in the air or perching on a flower. Follow the directions for mixing the resin that you will pour into the bottle. Once your resin is ready, pour a small amount until it reaches the neck of the bottle. Now, it is a helpful idea to hold a hot lamp over the bottle for 3-5 minutes to eliminate bubbles and speed up the curing process just just a little bit. Careful not to get the light too close to the bottle, and dont heat it for too long!

STEP 5: Adding your butterfly! This part can be a bit tricky, and requires a lot of close attention. Using your tweezers, place the butterfly inside of your bottle where you think it looks best. Now, the butterfly will slowly sink to the bottom of the bottle until the resin begins to cure, so you must be attentive and reach in with the tweezers to re-position it until it stays. When the resin has begun to cure, the butterfly should stay in the position that you put it. Leave the bottle open for 2-3 days until the resin has fully cured.

STEP 6: Finishing your bottle! Once the resin has completely cured and the inside of the bottle is finished, you can super glue the cork onto the bottle and attach a screw eyepin into the top of the cork. When this is done, you can use your cute butterfly bottle as a necklace, keychain, or any other decorative accessory you can think of!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you liked this charm but dont have the time to make one yourself, I am offering them for sale after July in many colors! Take a look here if you are interested-

Thank you for looking, and have fun making your butterfly bottle!

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