Introduction: Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial - ORIFLAME

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Here is the perfect, easy purple smokey eye that is suitable for during the day and night.

Step 1:

First you want to apply a primer to your face and then foundation all over the face and down the neck making sure there are no lines. Then with concealer apply this on the under eyes, chin, nose and forehead.

Step 2:

Now with powder you want to apply this all over the face so the liquid will set and prevent any movement or creasing.

With a bronzer apply this on the outside of the face and then contour the face. To contour apply the contouring powder on the hollows of the cheeks, jawline and forehead.

With a pink blush apply this to the apples of your cheeks.

Step 3:

Now you want to fill in your brows to your preference.

Step 4:

With a light brown eyeshadow blend this into the crease of your eye. With a purple eye crayon apply this on the lid and blend this out with a brush.

With a chocolate brown shade apply this to the outer corner of the eye and also on the lower lash line.

Step 5:

With a navy blue eyeliner you want to create a wing on your eye and mascara on the top and bottom lashes. With some white metal liquid eyeshadow apply this to the inner corner.

Step 6:

With a grey brown nude liquid lipstick apply this to the lips and then add a little bit of a pink lipstick too.