Introduction: Quarantine Hat, Stay Safe!

Hello! Here is how to make the Quarantine Hat! I hope you like it, stay safe!


1: Hat with bill

2: Face mask

3: Hand soap

4: Hand sanitizer

5: Duct tape

6: Scissors

Step 1: Make a Tape Burrito

Step 2: Put It on the Bill of Your Hat

Step 3: Put the Hand Sanitizer Bottle on the Bill of the Hat With the Tape

Step 4: Take Another Piece of Tape

Step 5: Cut a Little Piece Off

Step 6: Like This

Step 7: Next Take Your Facemask

Step 8: And Using the Little Piece of Tape From Earlier and Attach the Facemask to the Side of the Bill

Step 9: Take Another Peice of Tape

Step 10: And Make Another Tape Burrito

Step 11: Put the Hand Sanitizer Bottle on Top

Step 12: Now Put It on the Top of Your Hat

Step 13: You're Done! Wear It and Use It As Needed!

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