Introduction: Quick and Easy Zipper Lanyard

This lanyard is a great for those who can't seen to keep their hands still. Cheap, customizable, and looks good. This could also be for those who need a fidget toy, yet don't want to catch every eye. Simply zip or play with the zipper pull at times of anxiety.

Step 1: You Will Need:

A zipper (38 in) A basic keychain ring A trustful glue Scissors A lighter Optional but helpful: a clip of some kind

Step 2: The First End

Take the end without the zipper tag, and slip the ring on. Fold the end over and glue. Hold until it stays. *** glue only the tips, don't catch the ring in the glue ***

Step 3: The Second End

Lay out zipper with a twist so I may lay comfortably on your neck. Trim the end of the zipper as close as possible to the end. After, singe with a lighter to prevent fraying. Unzip slightly, position ends to your liking. Glue, not close to teeth, onto the previously glued end. Is using a clip, place it and wait for it to be dry.

Step 4: All Done

Enjoy your new lanyard!

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