Quick Chocolate Milkshake

Introduction: Quick Chocolate Milkshake

About: Live.Laugh.Love

Beat the Heat! Make a quick chocolate milkshake to woe those sweaty vibes! Keep calm and drink a Milkshake🥤


1) 2tb spoon cocoa powder
2) 2tb spoon sugar
3) 3-4 small ice cubes
4) 3 cups of milk
5) grated chocolate (optional)

*Mixer or hand beater required

Step 1: Add Ingredients in Mixer

Tabe a Mixer and add sugar, cocoa powder, ice cubes, milk in given proportion. Mix it well for a minute in the mixer till foam is formed.

Step 2: Ready

The chocolate milkshake is ready to be served chilled! You can garnish with grated chocolate for aesthetic look!

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