Quick Easy Costume Armor

Introduction: Quick Easy Costume Armor

We had to do a quick body armor for a Starlord themed carnival costume.
The mask was already made. Unfortunately we didn't make any photos of the making.

For the body armor it had to be really fast and simple. It took only 3 hours and you can really tell by the photos that it was made in a hurry.


  • 3 different colors of yoga mats
  • 3 Hot Glue Sticks
  • 30 cm of velcro tape


  • Plates ( used for circles )
  • Ruler ( I used the spikes of a bread knife for measurement )
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun

Step 1: How to Do It

How to do it:

  • For the front cover take a plate for the neck piece and a smaller one for the two sides and cut them out
  • Repeat for the pack cover
  • Glue the shoulder pieces together
  • Use a paper template for the decorative ornaments and cut them out and glue them on
  • Use the velcro tape as shown in the pictures

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    Tip 2 years ago

    you can slim it to ur frame by making the edges circular\