Introduction: Quick Ways to Create Super Cool Logos in Illustrator

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Are you thinking how to add coolness to your logo designs? Quit making boring (minimal and flat) logos and add depth to your logos by simply using these tools, tips and tricks. Lately many designers have been creating logotypes or brand marks with no extraordinary feature. I have a different view than this lot. I feel that a logo design should be attractive, memorable and usable. Oh yes, it should be super-cool too.

Let us explore the ways you can create kickass logos in illustrator.

Step 1: The Movin' Gradient

I think that there are two types of gradients: static and fluid. The static is the simple linear and radial gradient available by default in Illustrator. the fluid gradient is created with the Blend Tool, which allows you to transfer the blend to any spline/stroke.

1) Create a shape with a gradient of your choice, and copy it horizontally or vertically with space in the middle.

2) Go to the Tool Bar and click the Blend Tool. You may see that the blend is not smooth. So select the shape and double-click on the tool icon and a window will appear. Click preview and define the number of steps by first choosing specified steps.

Tool Bar ► Blend Tool

3) Create another shape or stroke without fill or outline. Go to Object ► Blend ► Replace Spline.

Step 2: Modernize Me

In graphic design, logos should not be seen simply as another medium of communication; but a canvas for creativity. Even if you make flat logos, they should be more than one flat color. Use a variety of colors with the Live Paint Bucket tool in Illustrator.

1) Create a complex shape of your choice.

2) Select the entire shape and select the Live Paint Bucket Tool from the Tool Bar.

3) Click on the shape and you will see red lines demarcating the different shapes.

4) Now simply select colors and fill the parts of shape with hues.

Step 3: Oh, She Transformed

You know, what's awesome? A simple shape become something amazing in a matter of seconds. This is only possible in design software like Illustrator. You can use the Transform Tool in many different ways to create unique logo designs that people admire and remember.

1) Create a shape of your choice - use the default shapes or make one using the Pathfinder Panel or Pen Tool.

2) Go to Effects ► Distort & Transform ► Transform...

3) A window will open. Make sure you check the Preview to see how the values affect your design.

From here on wards, this is what you need to do:

  • Define the Rotate Angle. Write it in this way, 360°/(number of divisions you want)
  • Write the number of Copies you want of the shape
  • Play with the percentages of Move and Scale to see what happens

Yup, that's it for now. Try these tricks out and share a design.