Introduction: Quilling Rainbow Dolls and Castle

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Hi Dear Friends,

This is my second "instructable", and enjoying a lot. This time I made some quilling dolls and their sweet castle.

All made with paper but I use stones also to decorate the caste.

This project took me a long time to finish. Actually need lots of Glue (Fevicol / Hot glue gun / liquid glue ).

So lets see completion of the project from scratch.

Step 1: Making of Castle - Using Paper Roll

Here I use some paper rolls, which I about to though as these are waste I think, but when the Idea about castle came into my mind, there are the best things I had :)....

1)all the rolls coated with Fevicryl Terracotta primer, and let them dry for hours. I use two coats of primer.

2) arrange the rolls in castle shape and stick with the help Hot Glue.

2)Now colour the rolls with yellow acrylic colour, can be colour as any favourite colour !!!

3) Leave the structure to dry properly. (I left it for overnight)

Step 2: Decoration of the Castle

Next .....

1) I made castle door with glitter foam paper, and stick those with hot glue

2) For Castle top, make paper cones with colourful papers, and stick with fevicol / liquid glue.

3) stick some stone chips with help of hot glue gun, please refer pictures.

4) castle is looks nice now, but still need some decoration.

5) I made some quilling flowers and petals and one fairy symbol for decoration. and stick them..

Now Our Castle is ready... Next to make Dolls....

Step 3: Making of Rainbow Dolls

Making of Rainbow Dolls: ( Violet Indigo Blue green yellow orange red)

1)I use long dome shape of 6 / 7 strips to make dolls body. glue both inside and outside of every shape made, to make it firm and long lasting.

2)two skin colour strips to make dome for face and 3 strips for back head. Please refer pictures.

Now stick them back to back to make head of the doll.

3) a long cone of 1 strips for hand. glue inside and let it dry.

4) for hair, I use silk thread and stick them nicely with glue to get complete look of the doll.

5) For eyes, I use very tiny beads and stick with the help of liquid glue.

Step 4: Making of Hat and Completion of Dolls

Make a tight roll of 8 / 9 strips, secure the end with glue.

Give a hat shape, and coat with liquid glue, let it dry.... Hat ready ... refer pictures.

Total 8 hats are made for 8 dolls.

Step 5: Making of Rapungel

Please have a look of the picture, for different parts of Rapunzel's body.

For Rapunzel, I colour her frock. and made her long hair with golden silk thread.

Now these dolls are ready to decorate your home..

Step 6: Arrangment of Dolls and Castle

Now arrange the dolls as rainbow colour sequence near there newly made castle... looks pretty, isn't it?

Step 7: Final Look

these dolls and their castle are kept one the corner of my home, and looks so cute.

If you feel this project adorable, please vote for me. thanking you, and see you soon with something new..

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