Introduction: Rain Cloud Lariat

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One of my favorite quotes is "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it is about learning to dance in the rain." I wanted a necklace as a constant reminder to keep a positive outlook in life. Besides, I liked the poetic idea of having clouds hanging from necks, and I wanted to try a lariat design.

Step 1: Materials

  • round white beads (for cloud)
  • thin wire (I used 28 gauge) or string
  • pliers
  • necklace chain
  • blue teardrop-shaped beads (for raindrops; I used these.)

You can substitute some of these things depending on what you have on hand.

Step 2: Creating the Cloud

The cloud is basically made by stringing the beads in a circle. Simple.

First, string round, white beads onto your wire (work with the whole spool if possible). The amount depends on how big your beads are, but I used 17 beads to create a cloud that's about 3cm in diameter. You can also use string, but I like to use wire. Make the circle as tight as possible so that the beads can't slide around before twisting the two wire ends to seal the shape. Use one end to make a loop and the other end to wrap around that loop. Then cut the ends as short as possible and use pliers to press them down so they won't poke you.

Step 3: Raindrops

To make the raindrops, I used some blue teardrop beads.

See above for how to wire-wrap teardrop beads.

Step 4: Preparing Chain

String a jump ring through the loop of the cloud and then through the last link of one end of the chain.Then take one end of your chain and insert it twice (wrap the chain around, basically) into the circle of beads that will be the cloud.

Use your hands to make the circle of chain wider before looping the chain around your neck. Adjust the length to decide how long you want the necklace to be and how far down you want the "raindrops" to be. When you've decided, cut the chain. I ended up with 20 inches of chain, but make your length match your preferences.

Step 5: Attaching Raindrops

Use jump rings to attach your raindrops to the chain however you like. I just put one at the end of the chain and another about 2cm above that. I later decided that I wanted three raindrops instead so I added yet another one 1.5cm above the top-most raindrop.

Step 6: How to Wear

To put on the lariat, simple loop the chain around your neck and insert the raindrops into the cloud twice to secure the lariat.

You're finally done! Enjoy your new lariat and wear it with pride. And don't forget that when others rain on your parade, you can always poke them with your umbrella (can't find the source for this quote). Or when people rain on your parade, look up rather than down; without the rain, there would be no rainbow (Gilbert K. Chesterton).

The rain quotes could go on, but I think you have a lariat to make so... *wink wink nudge nudge*

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