Introduction: Rainbow 3D Kandi Cuff

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Perfect for going to your next EDM fest, I'm going to show you how to make a 3D kandi cuff! Most of this is repeating patterns so once you get the hang of it, it's going to look great.

Step 1: Materials

This cuff is made from pony beads- you can find them for cheap at your local craft store. For this project we're going to be using 5 colors. Pink (Or red), Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and purple.

You're also going to need elastic thread. You can also use 20lb fishing line, but it has less forgiveness and it's much more stiff. Either is fine.

Step 2: First Row

The first row is going to be a pattern of White, Purple, Purple. Repeat this 11 times. The strand will be 33 beads long.

If you want to make the bracelet slightly larger add another set of 3 beads or more (however doing this will alter the rest of the design so only do this if you are confident in the technique).

Knot the elastic into a bracelet.

Step 3: 2nd Row

The next row pattern be Blue, Green, Blue. Take the elastic and thread from white bead to white bead, skipping the purple ones.

Once you have went around your bracelet completely and have reached the last white bead where you started, thread the elastic through one blue bead and one green bead. The thread will stick out a row higher. This will let you move onto the next section of beads.

Step 4: 3rd Row

This row pattern will be Green, Yellow, Green. Skip the blue beads and anchor only at the green ones. Once you have completed this make sure to thread through two beads to reach the next row.

Step 5: 4th Row

This row pattern will be Yellow, Orange, Yellow. Skip the green beads and only anchor at the yellow ones. By this point your cuff should stand on its own.

Step 6: Finishing the Basic Cuff

The last row. Only use two beads this time! I used pink. Red would look good too. The framework of the bracelet is now finished. Now we can add on the details.

Step 7: First Layer Outer Rows

Now to really make this fun we're going to start expanding! Starting at a white bead add 5 beads. The pattern will be 2 purple, 1 white, 2 purple. Continue this around the cuff, but at every white bead change the color. Next will be 2 pink, 1 white, 2 pink. Then 2 orange, 1 white, 2 orange, etc. The overall pattern is purple, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue. Do this around the whole bracelet.

Step 8: Second Layer of Outer Rings

Now that you have all these small little triangles, we're going to make them bigger. Start on the white bead on the tip of a triangle. Add five beads, in the same pattern as before. 2 purple, 1 white, 2 purple. Go from white bead to white bead. After you are finished this tie off the elastic. You're finished on this side!

Step 9: Repeat

Flip the bracelet over and follow steps 7 and 8.

Step 10: Adding Center Beads

Now you have this little ice cream sandwich shaped bracelet, and even though it's cute we want to make it thicker. So let's add some beads in the center. Simply tie a length of elastic to one of the center beads, anywhere is fine, and go from center bead to center bead. Use a pattern of 3. I used mismatched stars. 1 bead, 1 star, 1 bead. After you've went completely around the bracelet you're done and it's ready to wear.

Step 11: Finished

Now it's completely finished. Wear several single row bracelets along with it to bulk up the look!

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