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Introduction: Rainbow Fairy House Lamp

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In this instructable I show you how to made an awesome Rainbow Fairy House using mainly a Plastic Jar, Cardboard and a Paper Clay. It’s fun to make and you can use it as an awesome decoration.


  • Plastic Jar (Chocolate drinking powder 800g),
  • DAS modelling material 1kg - Link
  • Cardboard 60x50cm,
  • Transparent Plastic Film 60x50cm,
  • Plastic bottle,
  • Aluminium foil: Link
  • Hot Glue,
  • Hot Glue gun: Link
  • Acrylic Paint: Link
  • Pop-stick sicle,
  • Wooden stirrer,
  • Scissors,
  • Cutter knife,
  • Clay sculpture tools: Link
  • LED String

Step 1: Making Windows

I start by removing the wrapping film.Then, I trace the windows in all sides of the house. After, I cut through the shapes drawn using a cutter.

Step 2: Cover With Paper Clay

After, I cover all the jar with paper clay. I used "DAS modelling material" but you can any paper clay or even a homemade paper clay. I don't use natural air dry clay, it will shrink and that will result in a lot of cracks around your jar. So paper clay is the best to use in this type of craft.

Then,do not forget to remove the clay above each window.

Step 3: Shaping the Door

To form the door, I begin by drawing a circular shape using a carving tool. Then, making five parallel lines surrounded by hatches to make the wood look of the door.

You can choose the shape of the door you want.

Step 4: Build the Windows

As you can see in the attached pictures I did two types of windows. You can use the Cutter Cake Decorating to help you look great window shape. For me, I used the heart shape for one of the windows.Then, I made the parallel hatching to make the appearance of the wood, using the sculpture tool.

Step 5: Making the Floor

To build the floor, I start by tracing the drop shape on a 60x50cm board. Then I cut the drawn shape using a cutter. I do the same thing again to have two identical pieces. I glue these two pieces together using hot glue to strengthen the floor. I surround it with a 3cm high cardboard belt. I cut 11 pieces of cardboard of height 3cm and length 6cm, then I put them on the surface in the order indicated in the photo attached.

Using a transparent plastic film, I build a lid slightly larger than the base of the drop shape.

Step 6: Cover With Paper Clay

After, I cover all the floor with paper clay. Before the clay dries, and using different sizes of corks, I cut several circular shaped windows. These windows are important for the passage of the floor lights.

Step 7: Build the Roof

To obtain the conical shape of the roof, I start by cutting two semicircular circles of the jar plug for the passage of the LED string. Then, I cut a plastic bottle in half, and I use the upper part and I glue it with the cap using hot glue. I use aluminum foil to make the top shape of the roof.

Step 8: Cover With Paper Clay

After, I cover all the roof with paper clay. Before the clay dries, and using different sizes of corks, I cut several circular shaped windows. These windows are important for the passage of the roof lights.

Step 9: Paint

I used acrylic paint for painting. You can also use watercolors and watercolor crayons. It's up to you. In the end you can seal the paint using some matte spray varnish.

Step 10: LED String Lights

I placed battery LED lights "Warm White" inside of the house and I placed string LED lights "Purple" inside of the floor. I recommend you use soft lights that will gently illuminate your windows so it looks like a real house.

Step 11: Finish

Finally, I ended up with a wonderful house as shown in the attached photos :)

Step 12: Watch

In order to not miss any details and to follow all the real chain of the instructable, enjoy watching the video tutorial 👉 Link.

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I hope you like my instructable. See you!

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    3 years ago

    Pretty! Also, I love how convincing the woodgrain on the door is. Thank you for sharing your work :-)

    Creative D2H
    Creative D2H

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you !