Introduction: Rainbow Loom Ladder Bracelet!

Easy to make bracelet!


26 bands for the border
20 bands for the ladder
12 bands for the middle
1 band for the cap band
1 band to end the bracelet
1 clip
a loom

Step 1: Place Your Bands

When you start this bracelet, make sure the arrow on the loom is pointing away from you! The bands your placing for this step is the border! First, place a band on the middle peg to the left peg. Then, place bands going up from the left peg. Once you get to the top, instead of going all the way up, place your last band diagonally from the left to the middle. Do the same to the other side

Step 2: Place Your Bands Pt 2

After you finish making your border, you’re going to make the ladder part of your bracelet! Place the first band on the left peg to the right peg. Make sure the pegs are right above the start of your bracelet, not the first two right and left pegs. Then, continue placing bands in the same way until you place down the band that is right by the end of the bracelet.

Step 3: Placing Your Bands Pt 3

After you finish placing the ladder, you’re going to place the middle bands! First, place a band in the middle from the first peg to the next. Then, continue doing this pattern until you reach the end of the loom!

Step 4: Placing a Cap Band

After you place your middle bands, you need to place a cap band. First, turn your loom around so the arrow is facing you. To make a cap band, grab a band and loop it around your finger so it’s now double layered. Then place it on the first middle peg

Step 5: Start Looming the Bands

Now you can start looming the bands! To do this, pull back the cap band a little, and hook the middle band and pull it over onto the middle peg in front of it. When your looming, make sure to grab the bands from inside the peg! Then continue doing this pattern until you reach the end of the loom. Make sure you hook the last band onto the last middle peg!

Step 6: Placing Your Bands Pt 4

The last bands you have to place go over the bands you placed to make the ladder! Place them right over the other bands for the ladder, and make sure they are the same color!

Step 7: Looming Your Bands Pt 2

Now, pull back the cap band and grab the closest band to the top from under the cap band, then place it onto the peg to the upper left of it. Then, on the left peg, grab the lowest band from inside the peg and place it onto the peg above it. Continue doing this until you reach the top, then hook the last band onto the last middle peg. Do the same with the right side

Step 8: Ending Your Bracelet

To end your bracelet, first turn your loom so the arrow is pointing away from you. Then, stick your hook through the first middle peg so you get through all the bands connected to that peg. Then, get your hook to the side and place a band on it! Then, slowly pull up your hook, but don’t pull the band all the way through. Get half of the band under the bands and the other half over the bands. Then carefully hook the end of the band that’s under the bands onto the hook and slide the band down! Then finally, pull the bracelet off the loom

Step 9: Adding the Extension

To add a extension, first make sure the arrow on your loom is facing away from you. Then place 6 to 10 bands like how you placed the middle bands while making the bracelet, then at the end of the bands, place on the bracelet with the band that’s connected to the hook! Then turn your loom around and loom the same way you did for the middle bands, and once you loom the last band, add a clip to it! Then you can pull it off and connect the clip to the other end of the bracelet! Now you’re done!