Introduction: Rainbow Loom Single Bracelet (easiest for Beginners

Learn how to make a easy bracelet!


25 bands, a loom, and a clip

Step 1: Place Your Bands

First, You’re going to put your first band on the middle peg to the right peg, then place your next band on the right band to the middle band

Step 2: Place Your Bands

Continue doing this until you get to the end! Make sure you do it in the right order

Step 3: Start Looming Your Bands

First, Turn around your loom so the arrow is facing you. Then, hook the band under the band closest to you and bring it over onto the next peg.

Step 4: Loom Your Bands

Continue looping the bands until you get to the end of the loom

Step 5: End Your Bracelet!

To end your bracelet, get either a C or S clip and connect it to the end of chain of bands. Then, you’re just going to pull the bands off the loom, then connect the clip to the other end of the bracelet!

Step 6: You’re Finished!

Now your bracelet is done! I hope you liked my tutorial!