Introduction: Rainbow Popcorn

-popcorn is all time favourite snack for any one. To make it more colorful which is perfect parties i tried this rainbow popcorn.


-180 g popping kernels

-1 cup sugar

-Food colors

-cooking oil

-water( 2 to 3 tbsp)

Step 1: Prepare Popcorn

-Take a vessel and add oil to it.

-Add kernels and close the lid.

- You wil hear popping sound,in between just shake vessel to prevent burning and remove from heat once popping sound stops.

Step 2: Preparing Food Colors:

-You can use directly store bought food colors or can prepare at home.

-I prepared food colors naturally by using our kitchen ingredients


Step 3: Melt the Sugar:

-Take a sauce pan add sugar and about 2 to 3 table spoons water to it.

-when sugar melts remove from stove top .

Step 4: Add Food Colors:

-Transfer melted sugar to 4 diffrent cups and add each food color to one cup.

-Give a mix.

Step 5: Pour Colored Sugar Water on Popcorn:

-Take popcorn in 4 diffrent cups and add the colored sugar water in 4 cups and mix.

Step 6: Air Dry

-Air dry the colored popcorn for some time.

-After drying mix rainbow popcorns and enjoy.