Introduction: Rainbow Wall Hanger


We all like to something or other . like garden,room,house,door,wall etc...

we all have some or other idea to decorate our house or make something..

And this is rainbow contest !!

making thing with beautiful rainbow colors !!

so,me and my brother thought to make a beautiful rainbow wall hanger!!



  • all rainbow color wool
  • beads
  • neddel
  • pair of scessor
  • glue
  • an cardboard circular peace
  • a cloth
  • stepler

Step 1: Most Imp Part of Hanger

First,take the circular part of cardboard and stick it with a piece of cloth shown above or you can also use stepler to stick it.

Step 2: Pom Pom Balls

Now take the wool roll it on your hand and tie it from between .

remove it from your hand.

TAKE CARE :- when you remove it from your hand it can get untied and can waste your wool.

for that remove it very slowly.

Cut it from the end and spread it to make it complete ball .

Make like this 20 to 30 ball .

Step 3: Now Make a Hanger

Now , take any color thread and a needle tie it with it .

now sew it by putting the needle in between the ball.

now pears some of the beads as show above to make it designer.

like this only do other but do some thing like smaller to bigger to bigger to bigger .

take care :- you should not get hurt by the needle .

like this do all other .

Step 4: Design the Corner

now take one pom pom and stick a bead on the pom pom as show above with the help of glue or you can use hot glue also.

stick the bead in middle .

Now if you have done it then take it and stick it on the corners of the cardboard .

for this you can use hot glue .

Take care :- you dont get hurt by hot glue .

if you have done it let it dry .

the upper part which you have left tie it together .



Yes it has got ready .

you can put or hang it any were .

i loved it very much you can also try it in your home.

so for whom you are you waiting get started !!!!

I hope you like it ....