Introduction: Rainbow Loom Gymnast

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I got more than three requests for this charm so today I will be showing you how to make a gymnast loom charm!

Rainbow loom bands (for hair, skin, outfit, eyes)
Rainbow loom
Crochet hook

Step 1: Making the Bun

Before we start the actual charm we need to start by making the bun which will be added on to the charm later. Use double bands(See pictures for steps on making the hair bun) the cap and is wrapped around two or three times. At the end do a slip knot (use a band that will be the color of the hair tie) and take the bun off the loom. Save this for later.

Step 2: Making the Arms

We now need to make the arms that we will add on to the loom later. We will make the arm using only the hook. (See steps in pics) Again use double bands!
First step is to wrap a single band around your hook three times. Then use double bands to slide the wrapped band onto the double bands (see pics) repeat five more times. You will need to make another arm for a total of two arms!

Step 3: The Head

Now for the head. We can now use our loom. (See pics for steps) Use double bands for the entire process! At the end we can now attach the bun. (See pics)

Step 4: The Neck and Body

Now it's time for the body! (See pics) Again you must use double bands for the entire process. At the end we will attach the arms (see pics)

Step 5: Holding and Cap Bands

Before we start booking we have to add holding bands. (See pics). Then you can add the eyes. (See pics) then you can add cap bands on both feet and the last peg of the middle bands (see pics)

Step 6: Hooking Process

Now just hook! Start by hooking the legs and just keep hooking all the rows upwards! (See pics) then hook the head(see pics) and your done! At the end add a slip knot to hold everything together! Then your done! Before taking it off the loom make sure you hooked everything correctly and that there are no mistakes. If everything is correct and your ready the you can take it off the loom!

Step 7: Your Done!

When you take it off the loom you can wrap the slip knot around the bun to make the hair tie! Hope this wasn't too hard! Please show me your gymnasts! I would love to see how they turned out! If there are more charms you want me to make tutorials for please request it in the comments. Remember I need at least three requests to make a specific charm! Hope you enjoyed making the rainbow loom gymnast charm!