Introduction: Re-purposed 1977 Kodak 'The Handle' Instant Camera Lamp

Everyone that has used a tripod knows that when you lose the tiny camera mount attachment you are stuck with a adjustable tripod that is useless. I was inspired by the various designer household lamps seen in Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, etc. to combine a recycled tripod, a vintage camera, and a modern LED to create something fun and purposeful for my desk top/side.

Step 1: Basics You Will Need

Here is a basic list of tools and components you will need. Of course your's will differ as you will have different parts, but this is a simple plan to follow that could be utilized in many different ways. There could be tons of different items to add to the tripod base such as old toys, stuffed animals, plants...the possibilities are endless! Have fun.

Tripod Base

Old Camera

Make -A- Lamp Kit

Sparkle Effect LED Bulb

Soldering Iron (optional)

Phillips & Flat screwdrivers

Drill and 1" Bit


Wire Stripper

Pen & Paper

Step 2: Sketch Your Plan and Lay It Our in Front of You...

Try different looks and configurations before you begin drilling.

Step 3: Drill a 1" Hole in Your Tripod Base...

If you have a vise this step is a snap! Feed your electrical cord through the hole

Step 4: Drill a Hole Through the Tripod Head...

Continue to lay your plan out just to keep yourself focused. It is always easier to measure twice and cut once, especially if you are using a hard to find vintage camera!

Step 5: Insert the Lamp Nipple and Locknut From Your Kit

If you need to seat it with adhesive do so.

Step 6: Drill 1" Holes in the Camera Body...

Follow your path from your drawing.

Step 7: Add Your Lamp Socket Cap to the Camera Body...

Add adhesive as necessary.

Step 8: Attach Electrical Cord Wires to the Socket...

Here is a great how-to video for this.

I soldered mine as well as used a black wire I recycled from another lamp as the kit has a white wire in it. I simply wanted black to match by tripod and the overall look.

Step 9: Add Your Bulb and Test Your Connections BEFORE Final Assembly...

Step 10: Assemble and Enjoy!

Use adhesive or a screw or two if needed. Sit back with your new light and enjoy something that you made yourself!

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