Introduction: Realistic Flowers Hair Clip

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Even when I don't have a daughter I love to make feminine things for my nieces. One of them loves flowers and she's always wearing something in her hair even if she's only wearing PJ's. So I made a flower hair clip to match her personality.

Step 1: Materials

Metallic hair clip

Little paper flowers (you can find them at Michaels or any other craft store)

Glue gun


Step 2: Cut and Bend

You will need 4 flowers (or more if your flowers are smaller or your hair clip bigger).

Cut the wire that holds the flowers 3 mm from the flower. Bend it to the side to have a flat piece.

Step 3: Glue

Put some glue in the hair clip and put flowers on it, one by one. Be careful to put them close to each other so they cover all the metallic clip's surface.

Let the glue cool down before using it.

Ready! Now you have a beautiful and feminine piece to adorn your hair!

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