Release the Kraken-Themed Party

Introduction: Release the Kraken-Themed Party

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Me and my friends are always throwing parties. This one is themed "Release the Kraken" for my husbands 30th.  For his favorite alcohol Kraken black spiced rum. I tried to keep a black, white and creams like on the bottle's label.

Here are the pictures and how I went about doing the set up. It really was budget friendly!

By the way....
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Step 1: Project Assignment

With the help of my good friends we put this together.

Here we have:
Message-in- a-bottle punch (white cranberry juice, blue berry koolaid, sprite and sugar)
Rum cake
Kraken chocolates (uses special silcone mold filled with chocolate melts and then dusted with edible pearl powder)
Kraken lamp (drill a hole in the bottom and put in mini christmas lights)

Step 2: Decoration

The decorations I made were:

Kraken pennant banner - Black and grey striped wrapping paper cut into back to back triangles and folded over a ribbon and glued into place

Cardboard Tentacles- Cardboard cut out tentacles with hot glue "sucker" circles  then spray- painted black. Adhered to the wall with sticky tak.

Sunken cardboard ship with tentacle- use pattern picture to cut out a ship shape, use masking tape to tape seams together. Make a platform by tracking out the finished ship piece onto cardboard and cut slightly smaller than your tracing. I used pieces of a broken up paint stick for the planks on the deck, wooden doll rod for the mast, and paper covered in masking tape for the sails. The "tentacle" sticking out the side is a piece of radiator hose with the hot glue suckers applied. Spray painted copper then brused over with black acrylic paint (rough brush strokes) and drawn on planks with a paint pen. I drew out a little pool for the ship to be sinking in on the white back of wrapping paper and drew splashes and waves with black marker.

Step 3: Release the Kraken

Enjoy your kraken party!

Other fun things you can do:

Octopus hotdogs - hot dogs cut 3/4 up the length of the hot dog, so that they have tentacles, then cooked

Octopus Trolli gummies

Kraken pinata

Sea Salt Chips

Oranges (for the scurvy)

Fried fish


Artist's work for some inspiration:

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    Release the Kraken! Or... it could be Slenderman.... Or Nergal Junior.... Or.. I don't even know.


    9 years ago

    Wonderful ! Where did you get the silicone moulds for the chocolates ? Xxxx


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Oh yum, I love Kraken rum. Any party thrown around rum can't be bad :D

    Dusk Shadows
    Dusk Shadows

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Ahh my brothers is 18 now and a week ago he had Rum then my dad decides to tell him after his hang over that our family and rum don't mix =( i can never be a pirate ='''''(