Introduction: Remake of Peacock Feather, With Cloth & Feather Pieces!

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Now, I take the real peacock feather as an inspiration model and remake a model with leftover cloth pieces. I hope the beauty is not lost! Do have a look at it and let me know your comments!

Do give a try for your favourite model!


For Supplies please refer the picture. These are basic supplies required to make the base model!

Attached picture shows the cloth pieces I have in my repo. Though looked clumsy at initial, I pressed it later to make the model!

Step 1:

Step 2: Press the Cloth Pieces!

At first, we need to make the cloth pieces for neatness and ease of use!

Step 3: Draw Rough Sketch With Pencils, on a Plain Cloth!

I used a plain + pale white cloth, to resemble moon when it is cut in circular!

Step 4: Mark & Cut the Cloth Pieces in Appropriate Shapes, According to the Peacock Layers!

Step 5: Add Real Feather Pieces to the Outer Layer!

While doing some interior for my home, I had used peacock feather earlier. And with that, I have these peacock feathers left. So had used them to the outer layer. I used fabric glue to attach them to the layer! I patiently stick each and every feather pieces to the cloth!

I attached another layer of same cloth, to the backside of the outer layer. This will enable to stick this layer to the plain white cloth at the end!

Step 6: Attach All the Layers Together and Stick to the White Cloth!

Attach all the layers together and stick to the white cloth! Stick the created peacock feather to the pale white cloth!

Step 7: Frame It!

For the frame, I have a Cut piece of a T-shirt of mine which I rarely used. So have used that as a outer frame, making it in square shape.

I used some wooden stick(which I got through some garden maintenance work very recently) and used as hanging support.

Step 8: Contemporary Peacock Feather, With a Classic Touch Is Done!

Step 9: Added As a Ancient Messaging Model!

I added braid structure with threads, to fold the peacock model to be kept inside!

Step 10: Peacock Feather Model, As a Gifting Option to Loved Ones!

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