Introduction: Resin and Wood Ring Band

About: I love working with wood. I make bandsaw boxes and just lately ive got a lathe and now enjoy woodturning.

In this instructables i will show and explain how i made this Resin and wood ring band. I love working with wood and resin and testing out new projects this is my first ring band.

This item will fit nicely in your pocket or on your finger :-)

My tip is how to make a wood and resin ring.

I have added a video of me making this project.

For this project you will need.

Epoxy casting resin


Resin dyes

Acrylic paints optional

disc sander


Buffing system for plastic and wood

Sandpaper grit 120 - 800

Dremel and sanding bits/ polish mops


Step 1: Step 1 Making the Ring Blank

1- break your wood to give an uneven broken surface. (i used a vice for this).

2- You can paint the wood for a different look but in this project i didnt.

3- To make the mould to hold the resin. I first wrapped the wood with double sided tape then wrapped cellotape that sits above the broken wood to hold the resin.

4- I first mixed the resin with white dye and put a very thin layer to give a snow look. (some of the wood could be seen above the resin). Leave to cure overnight.

5- Once the first layer was dry i mixed some more resin with a tiny amount of blue dye so it was translucent. I then poured this on top and left for a few days to fully cure.

Step 2: Getting the Blank to Size.

1- Take the fully cured blank

2- Decide the size of the ring you want.

3-I want a uk size k so used a 16mm forstner bit and would then sand to the size required.

4- I then wanted to cut and shape the outside of the ring. i cut the ring down to size with a bandsaw and then used a bench sander to finish the sizing. (This step could be done by hand)

Step 3: Shaping and Sealing the Wood

1- I used my dremel to taper the sides of the ring to make it more comfortable.

2-I also slightly tapered the inner ring for comfort.

3- Sand the rings through the grits (120/800) to get a smooth finish removing the worse of the scratches.

4- Coat the wood with minwax poly leave to dry i did 2 coats.

Step 4: Finishing

To get a good shiny finish i use a buffing system to finish the ring.

1- first i use Tripoli polish on a B grade mop. I use standard polish mop with tripoli for the inside the ring.

2- I use G quality loose mop with a beige Gloss wax followed by doing the inner ring.

3- I use a WDR yellow and p175 super finish again followed with small mop on Dremel for inner ring.

This part can take a while but the finish is all worth doing it for.


I hope you enjoyed this and will consider voting for me me in the pocket size project.

The video i have added will explain more about how i made this and i would consider watching it first.

Many thanks :-)

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