Retro Hilux

Introduction: Retro Hilux

Hello! This project I will bring back the old school by redesigning the rc car’s paint theme for the red Toyota Hilux from WPL C24. The steps to spray paint are simple and easy to do. The result is awesome. It’s look real and very cool.

Supplies that you need to do the “Retro Hilux” project.

1. Spray paints (White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Gray, and Light brown), Plastic primer.

2. Masking tape, Black marker.

Step 1: Spray Paint Parts.

First, I take the wheel, shock absorber, the cab, the bed, and diff cover. I clean the surface of with alcohol to make the surface not too oily for the spray paint. Next I get ready to spray paints, lay the things out into the group and spray plastic primer the first coat let it dry, and spray at least one more times. I separated in to 2 colors gray color for the wheel hub with red trim, yellow for the shock absorber, and red for the diff cover. Then I spray the colors 2- 3 coats (Make sure that the color stick to all areas, while let the paint dry.

Step 2: Spray Paint the Cab and the Bed.

Then I spray the plastic primer to all pieces. Next I spray white to the cab and bed, because the plastic was red, I need to spray maybe 2-3 times. When it dry, I spray blue for the bed area at least 2-3 times. Then I use masking tape on the outer edge, get ready to spray inside the bed with black paint. I masking tape the front of the cab, and spray blue for the rear of the cab and the fender. Next I masking tape the blue paint and spray yellow for most area and leave some part white, that will be the red and orange stripe. After all the painting is done. I use the masking tape around the window and windshield and use the black marker draw around the window trims. Last get all the small parts spray painted in black.

Step 3: Assembly the Truck.

The last step is to assembly all parts together and add the small parts that painted black, and add the sticker that come in the box. Next I play, it looks very cool and fun. “This way you make the cheap rc truck looks expensive.”

Thank you

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