Introduction: Retro Tetris Bracelet!

Ever since my brother got his first phone, I have been a hardcore Tetris fan! You can go on playing Tetris for hours without noticing time pass. So I decided to make an Instructable on how to make old fashioned Tetris bracelet!

Step 1: Getting the Required Material

So here are the materials required to make this cool bracelet :

1) Acrylic paint; 6 bright colors will do

2) A paintbrush and some water

3) (White/Medical) Tape which you can paint on and a pair of scissors

4) Some thread.

5) Fevikwick or any other super glue you can find

6) Small square cubes. You can find this anywhere. Go to a nearby fancy store and they will definitely be having some kind of square beads.

7) A nice newspaper to do your work on and a mop to clean up!

Step 2: Forming Your Blocks

Take the small cubes you have and group them together in shapes resembling the Tetris blocks. The color of the cubes doesn't matter as we will be painting over it.

Link :

Step 3: Making Your Peices

Take the cubes few pieces at a time and take some tape and tape them up in the desired shapes. Measure the circumference of your hand and make enough pieces to cover your hand. Also decide the thickness of the bracelet. In this Instructable I am making a bracelet two Tetris blocks wide.

Step 4: Colouring the Blocks!

Assign a color to each piece differently. Remember in the original Tetris game, each type of blocks was colored differently and blocks of the same type were colored the same!

(I made a mistake and colored two different pieces the same color :( )

Step 5: Sticking the Blocks Together

Now that you have enough blocks and your done playing with them, arrange the pieces in a straight line so that there are no gaps and each block fits in perfectly, just like in the game! Make sure the length of the bracelet is about the same as the circumference of your hand.

Now, place the blocks in a circular pattern. Use the super glue to tape them together where two blocks meet. Don't forget two leave one space empty! Finally, cut out two small pieces of thread and attach one at either ends of the blocks adjacent to the opening.

It doesn't matter if its not painted on the inside as long as the outside is painted properly.

Step 6: Finished!

Now place the bracelet on your hand and tie the two ends of the string together, depending on the thickness of your hand. Now walk out there and show the world your retro style!

I hope you liked this Instructable. If you did, then please do let me know in the comments below! Thank you and have a great day!

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