Introduction: Revolting Edible Fruit Scabs for Halloween

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Like a lot of kids, mine love to dress up for Halloween. Last year, after brain-storming lots of ideas, they announced that they wanted to have zombie skin that they could pull off and eat, announcing that this would gross people out – they were not wrong! This tutorial, believe it or not, is super easy and healthy, despite how it may look!

Step 1:

We simply adapted our recipe for Fruit Leather. We cooked up apple puree; using 1 large cooking apple, an apple and plum puree; using 1 apple and a couple of plums (we lightly blitzed this one). We then split the plain apple puree into 3, leaving one plain, colouring one yellow, and one green with food colour gels. The apple and plum puree got split in half, and we added a few blackberries to one half and mashed it up a little.

Step 2:

We lined a baking tray with cling film, and dolloped our purees out on to it, into what we imagine zombie scabs would look like. As the scabs dry out they will shrink back so bear that in mind when you spoon the puree out.

Step 3:

We then popped our scabs into a low oven to dry out. Set your oven on the lowest possible setting - you are aiming to dry out the scabs not cook them! You can also leave your tray in a warm place to dry out naturally. Our scabs took about 2 hours to dry out. We were absolutely delighted by how revolting our finished scabs looked!

Step 4:

To compliment our scabs we decided we needed some blood and pus to dress them with. We mixed golden syrup with a little water, added yellow and green food colouring to one, and red food colouring with a little cocoa powder to the other, and gave them both a good stir.

Step 5:

Fruit leather is naturally quite tacky to touch, so it did seem to sit on the skin quite happily. We wanted to make sure our scabs stayed in place so we used edible glue to hold ours – which stuck them down really well. We’d love to hear what you think of our scabs – are they revolting enough? Let us know what ideas you have for Halloween.

The kids did eat their scabs, but the photos were too disgusting to publish!

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