How to Recycle Glass and Jewelry Into Window Art

Introduction: How to Recycle Glass and Jewelry Into Window Art

1. I had some glass bottle tops left over from another instructable and wanted to make a craft.
2. I also had a basket full of broken jewlery/costume jewelry that I've been collecting.
3. I decided to make glass art to hang in the window above my plants.


*glass bottle with bottom cut and smoothed. (Please see my other instructable on recycling glass bottles for directions on cutting old bottles).
Check this out: Bottle Cutter and Glass Cutter Bundle - DIY Machine for Cutting ...
*broken jewelry

Step 1: Attach the Chain

1. First I collected my supplies.
*glass bottle with bottom cut and smoothed.
*broken jewelry
2. I attached the key ring to the second link on chain.
3. I put the chain thru the bottom of the bottle and brought it thru the top. I placed a clip on to the chain to hold the bottle and chain in place.

Step 2: Attach the Jewlery

1. If you had broken jewelry, like I've been collecting, this is a craft for you;)....Pick through your stash and find the pieces you want to use. I found a long black beaded necklace and 2 old earnings.
2. Cut the necklace in thee piece and tied off the ends. I took off about an inches of beads on the end. So I had room to tie it to chain.
3. Next, tied each stran to the bottom of the chain.
4. Last, Each string gets charm piece attached to the bottom.

Step 3: Hang

1. Last, hang the glass art in a window. I hung mine above the houseplants.

*Easy to make!
*Use what you have!
*Be creative!

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