Introduction: How to Recycle Old Cabinets Into Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

My husband went to pick up a used washer and dryer for our home. The owners of the appliances were also getting rid of two cabinets that were also in the basement.( She was going to donate them to goodwill). She had said her father had mde them in the 40s.

I decided to recycle/reuse/upgrade/ them into kitchen cabinets.


Paint Roller and other painting supplies
Sand paper

Step 1: Clean, Sand, Paint

1. First clean the cabinets.
2. Remove the knobs and other hardware.
3. Lightly hand sand cabinets to remove any chipping paint, etc..
4. Wipe off any dust.
5. Start to paint.

Step 2: Finish

Last, I added the gold knobs and decorated the top of the cabinets.

I did want to sand them to distress them , but am waiting on that until later.

Step 3: Paint and Sand

1. I did about 3 coats of paint on the cabinets.
2. Once the paint dried I replaced all the knobs and hardware.

Step 4: Reycling Another Piece of Furniture

Another piece in need of a DIY touch up.

1. Clean. I used hot water and a pine cleaner.
2. Let dry
3. Remove hardware
4. Sand
5. Paint...repeat....until you reach the desired color.
6. Let dry
7. Lightly handstand to distress the wood
8. Add hardware

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