Introduction: Rice Flour Jantikalu(crispy Rice Flour Snacks)

-Rice flour jantikalu are made using rice flour and chick pea flour and can be good tea time snacks.


- Two cups rice flour

- One cup chick pea flour

- One tablespoon sesame seeds

- One teaspoon carom seeds(ajwain)

- One teaspoon red chilli powder

- Salt as per taste

- Water

- Two tablespoon butter

- Cooking oil

Step 1: Making Dough

-Take two cups rice flour in bowl and add one cup chick pea flour to it.

Step 2: Add Sesame Seeds and Carom Seeds

-Next add tablespoon of sesame seeds and a tea spoon of carom seeds to flours.

Step 3: Add Spices

Add teaspoon red chilli powder and salt as per taste and mix all added ingredients with flours.

Step 4: Add Butter

-Take 2 tablespoon butter and melt it. Add melted butter to above spiced flour and give a mix.

Step 5: Add Water and Make Soft Dough

-Add water little by little and make a soft dough.Dough should be soft so that it can pass through sevai presser machine.

Step 6: Grease Sevai Press Machine With Oil

-Before filling dough in presser, Grease with oil and use disc with large holes for pressing.

(Sevai presser is also called as muruku press)

-Place disc inside presser and fill with dough

Step 7: Frying

-Heat oil and once oil is heated slowly by pressing fry in oil till they turn little brown color(fry in small portions)

Step 8: Enjoy

-Enjoy crispy jantikalu with tea

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