Introduction: Tips for Decluttering Your Cosmetics

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girls have so may we have to ordinate them i give some simple tips for ordinating you cosmetics easily

Step 1: Arranging Lipsticks

we all girls love to apply we have a lot of lipsticks.if we Don't arrange them properly the took a lot of space and made our show case look we must set them..i have a lot of lipsticks so these were cluttering in my show i decided to arrange them

first of all you have to choose a case for the lipsticks here i used a chocolate is medium in size..then i arrange my lipsticka according to my necessity. the lipsticks covered more than half space..then i set my make up brushes on the free space..

Step 2: Arranging Bangles

sinces i have a lot of bangles so i have to arrange them nicely otherwise the look so much here is a easy tip for ordinating your bangles.first took a yarn about 15inch then put all the bangles into then..then tied the yarn so that you can open it later..the bangles will shaped round and it will look awesome

Step 3: Arranging Jewelleries

for all my jewellery i used a box.. in the box i put all my ear rings and necklaces.. i also used these types of small boxes for especial jewellery..

Step 4: Extra

i made this kind of holders for extra things..

Step 5: Conclusion

ok so now my cosmetics show case is cleaned and decorated nicely..this is really can follow the simple tips for decluttering you cosmetic.

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