Introduction: Rubber Band Gun EASY

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Hello, this is my instructable for an Easy rubber band gun.

it is very simple, and takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to make.


15 popsicle sticks

a hot glue gun


3 glue sticks

1 clothesline clip

a clean space to work on

Step 1: Building!

I put the pictures above in order of how you make it.

to start, glue the clip on the back end of the popsicle stick.

Set aside

now we need to make the handle. glue one popsicle stick on top of another one, make 2 sets of these. Then, glue them together side by side. then reinforce it with a nother popsicle stick on top of that in the middle, put another pop stick on the other side, then glue it on the end of the first piece you made above. Then glue 3/4 of a pop stick underneath the clip piece. Next, glue 2 more pop stickson the sides of the clip piece, now, add 1/2 a pop stick slightly underlapping the end of the gun, then, add another 1/2 pop stick sideways on top of that for the spot where the rubber band rests. Now we're almost done! just reinforce the bottom of the gun, and you're done!

Step 2: Loading and Shooting

put one end of the rubber band in the clip, then stretch it to go on the end of the gun. Then just push down on the clip and watch the rubber band go Flying!!

CAUTION! never shoot anyone in the face with this. They will be liable to scream and shout and punch you in the face.

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