Introduction: SPAS 12 Build!

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what's up guys and gals, ben_the_builder here with the build for my SPAS 12 with its working pump action, and fold-able stock (FINALLY), after many an hour arguing with my laptop, i finally got my phone to to connect properly : D .. ahem* .. as i was saying, I've finally come round to posting my SPAS 12 and its very simple concept, you may wish to widen the barrel or extend/retract anything you like about the gun, i know if i had the pieces I'd have widened the barrel a little, and shortened the body a bit.

without any more delay, I'm giving you my most favorite contraption to date, my SPAS 12  : D <3

now, i must warn you before you continue, there are a few purposefully cut connectors to make this work smoothly and properly, but, they're not any special pieces or indifferent pieces, so you shouldn't worry too much about that. There are also broken or cut rods (sadly) that hold many a piece together in this gun, but, in the end i found it all worth it.


working pump, even with the stock down
8 round magazine (more life-like to me)
accurate up to 25 feet
rarely jams
easy to replace lackies (elastic bands, i'll be saying that often, get used to it : ) )

too flexible at the barrel, rounds get stuck sometimes : /
fold-able stock isn't too strong (but it still works)
not the prettiest gun out there
the trigger sometimes comes apart, it's not too strong : /

you'll notice i use a lot of yellow connectors as the top and bottom of my barrel and pre-barrel (firing pin entrance), feel free to replace those with orange connectors, a few of them are needed for the stock, but I'm sure you're all not that silly : P

as i mentioned before in my preview, thank you to grimmjowking (nice name btw), blackshadow12, and Dr. Richtofen. you guys helped me make this masterpiece : D can't thank you guys enough ^_^ 

Step 1: PART 1: Mag, Barrel, and Partial Body

i advise you follow my instructions very carefully, i made a lot of errors and it DOES affect the gun

1) what you'll be making
2) top rail, and inner components
3) another angle, and yes the tan clip has the knob on it to keep it in place
4) another angle (just in case)

5) what you'll be making, don't worry about the lackie, it's just there because it was late and i couldn't be bothered removing it
6) leave this first snowflake the way it is so you can attach the fake under-barrel
7) the underside of the yellow connectors
8) 7 broken connectors so my pump works 
9) now attach the two like so
10) close-up to show the red connector doesn't connect to anything but the yellow connector by a green rod.

11) make X2
12) make X2
13) note the gap!
14) connect like so, or you can leave them separated so they don't get in the way while you attach the rest of the gun
15) add on some blue spacers, you may want to add some (see pic)
16) add a plate on top : D
17) flip side and spacers, again (see pic)
18) attach the second plate like so : D

19) as you can tell, fairly simple, the panels are easy to make, no modified pieces
20) base of the pump, again, fairly simple
21) only 5 pieces wide : D
22) okay, so to add the pump, follow the pictures, simply slide the lengths in at an angle because the pump won't sit straight at this point.
23) see, won't sit straight
24) then guide it into place simply by pushing it backwards and lining up the red rods properly, careful with the top one though, it MUST sit between the two yellow rods
25) slide forward, and you're done with the first half already : D

Step 2: PART 2:

1) make this, and yes attach the lackie on here FIRST or it's a pain in the butt to put on later
2) another angle
3) very simple, and comfortable
4) make, panels are the same
5) another angle 
6) these do not connect!!
7) slip that over like so
8) a closer look
9) another angle
10) attach the previous part like so
11) attach to the back of the gun like so
12) ta-da!

OOPS!! (pics 13-15)
i forgot to include a pic of the end of the pump : S, okay, so the red and green connectors are  the end of the pump, both panels are the same, , the cut rods are only 2 spaces wide and slide in as seen, the connectors are purposefully cut and the blue rod on the top of the green connectors has 2 more pacers between the connectors and another on the other end with the other tan connector, I AM SO SORRY : S i'm a blithering idiot ><

More Panels: remember the panels i said you could leave in two? here's the other halves
16) one side
17) other side
18) close up
19) another close up
20) add these for support
21) other side

Step 3: PART 3: More

Fake Under-barrel:
1) very simple
2) another angle
3) another angle
4) attach like so
5) and the front
6) awesome angle ; D

7) what you'll be making
8) another angle (see pic)
9) insert like so
10) i completely forgot but you need to remove that broken rod...
11) to put the red connector in like so
12) (upside down) side view
13) add these to the handle for support

Fold-able Stock
14) what you'll be making
15) top view of the end that connects to the gun
16) underside of the flip down end
17) top side of the flip down end
18) slide one end in 
19) slip the other side in
20) attach a lackie like so
21) cross it like this so the lackie doesn't get stuck between the gaps of the pieces 
22) other end of the lackie

23) mag pusher
24) firing pin and pin guide "hook"
25) end of the firing pin ( same as i always use)
26) open up the connection
27) slip in and snap back on like so
28) okay, i forgot about this too, the lackies you put on earlier?.. yeah.. well the attach internally like so to the firing pin
29) see, like this
30) add some top lackies
31) super stretchy : D
32-35) trigger lackies

36-40) mag pusher bands and loading...

i have work in an hour.. so HAVE FUN KIDS : D