Introduction: Sci-fi Binoculars

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I made these binoculars for a short film of mine. Unfortunately, you can't see anything through them but they look cool so... Hey, let's build this thing!!!

Step 1: Ingredients

Pringles can Plywood A plastic sign 2 PVC pipes Spray paint Black Silver paint A Box from the Front of a Magazine Cheap compass Laser Pointer NERF dart A pen Screws Plastic sight pieces Red lens The last photo is of my original plans for this

Step 2: Best Step Ever!!!!!!

If you don't have an empty Pringles can. 1. Go to the store 2. Buy Pringles 3. EAT PRINGLES!!!!!!!! Now that you've finished your Pringles, take the Pringles can, take off the lid and draw a line through the middle. Then cut along the line you drew. If you've done it correctly you should have two halves of Pringles can. If you don't, repeat steps 1-3. But please don't get it wrong every time on purpose.

Step 3: The Body

After going through 10 cans of Pringles and finally getting it right, take the Pringles can and cut it to the size you want your binoculars to be. Take your plywood and cut out 2 pieces the size of your Pringles can and hot glue them in between. Later my binoculars will look slightly shorter because I thought they were to long and had to hack off the front. The next steps don't have to many photos, because I had to go to Home Depot and just continued building while forgetting to take photos... Oops.

Step 4: Capping It Off

Take your plastic sign and cut out a piece to fit between the Pringles aluminum bottom. Now cut out a piece of plastic to fit the front of the binoculars. In my case my binoculars kinda sloped to the side so I had to bend my plastic into shape a bit. Then hot glue it in place. Now take your PVC pipes and cut the long thin parts to the size you want your front lenses to be. I originally wanted to use toy binoculars for the eye piece but I didn't feel like waiting until I could find some so I took the fat part and used those for eye pieces.

Step 5: Paint Job and Deco

I simply gave it a total once over in balck then take the silver paint and lightly apply it to the binoculars. now take the box and give it the same silver treating then tear of the two box lids and glue them next to one another. Take your laser pointer and stick it on one box door. Now take your pen and take out the ink cartridge paint the pen silver and glue it on the front of the lens. Then rip off the tip of the nerf dart, paint it silver and stick a screw into it and put the screw into the plastic sight piece. Now glue it on the other lens. now take your compass and insert an old camera piece with numbers instead of the needle put the tip of a screw in the middle and put the plastic cap back on. While we're at it... Guess what idiot forgot to sand the PVC and plastic sign so the paint sticks. Yeah, me. Save yourself the trouble of removing and buying new paint sand it before hand. Otherwise it's a mess.

Step 6: Finished

You don't necessarily have to build it this way, just add some more parts to it and give it a different paint job and you have steam punk binoculars or something else. So all in all, this is a pretty modifiable build. Hope you guys have fun building this and even when you are done with this... You will probably still eat Pringles.

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