Introduction: Seat Belt Wallet

Step 1: Inexpensive Stylish Durable Seat Belt Wallets

Since I designed this wallet, I can't go anywhere without someone asking me about it. If you didn't know, every car year make and model have different styles and colors. I went to the local pull-a-part and spent half a day cutting out all kinds of cool seat belts. It cost $2.00 to get in the junk yard, and $10.00 for 30 different seat belts. I found Landrovers have the coolest pattern and color.

Step 2: Wash the Seat Belt

After you choose the seatbelt color and design, wash it in hot water. Take the seat belt and fold it in half to the desired final width. I chose 2 credit card sizes for my length. I found some scrap leather and created 3 slots and finished the edges of the seat belt. I used 4 rivets on each corner to bond the leather and the seat belt. I stitched the leather in with my sewing machine to create spaces for credit cards and place for photo ID. The wallet is indestructible, water proof, and stylish. It has a nice sleek finish for ease of putting and taking out the wallet from your pocket.