Introduction: Seesaw- a K'nex Ball Machine Element

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Many ball machine builders (including me!) use the same basic idea of an element I call a Seesaw. For this element, a ball rolls back and forth on the curved track until it stops. Then the dumper releases the ball. Here is my version of that element. Below is the parts list.


Green: 52

White: 8

Blue: 44

Yellow: 1

Red: 34

Gray: 13


Dark Gray: 6

Orange: 14

Red: 10

Purple: 56

Yellow: 37

Blue: 8


Blue Spacer: 13

Gray Spacer: 9

Y-Clips: 6

Small Wheel: 1

Small Tire: 1

Medium Tire: 1


Step 1: Frame- Part 1

Step 2: Track

Step 3: Exit

Step 4: Frame- Part 2