Introduction: Separating Chain Lift: a K'nex Ball Machine Lift

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Here are the instructions for a basic version of one of the 3 lifts that I designed for my ball machine Ribdul. This lift is highly customizable; I provide customization tips in step 9.

Click here to see the video, which I am unfortunately unable to post on Instructables.

Step 1: Down Tower

You will start by building 1 of the lift's support towers.

Step 2: Up Tower

Now you will build the other tower and the entrance track.

Step 3: Top Beam

In this step, you will finish building the lift's frame.

Step 4: Gray Motor Greabox

If you want to use a gray motor to power the lift, follow this step to build the gray motor's gearbox.

Step 5: Green Motor Gearbox

If you want to use a green motor to power the lift, follow this step to build the green motor's gearbox.

Step 6: Exit Tracks

Now you will build the exit tracks.

Step 7: ​Dismounter Mechanism

The dismounter mechanism knocks balls off of the chain and onto the exit tracks.

Step 8: Chain

Every chain lift needs a chain, so now you will build this lift's chain.

Step 9: ​Customize!

Like any chain lift, the Separating Chain Lift is highly customizable. Below are some tips for customizing your Separating Chain Lift.

  • In the basic Separating Chain Lift that I made instructions for, the grabber modules are as close together as possible. If you want to make the lift taller, you will need to add lengths of chain in between the grabber modules.
  • Alternatively, you could build 2 of each grabber module.
  • If you want to make the lift shorter, you may need to run the chain over gears on another tower, like I did on my ball machine Ribdul.
  • You might also need an extra tower if you are using 2 of each grabber module and want to make the lift shorter than the height that fits that chain. I did this on Ribdul.