Introduction: Sewn Beach Ball

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For this I wanted a design to make and sew and I thought, "What about a beach ball that is made of fabric instead of plastic." Here is how to make it, but I don't have the best template (Take a screen-shot of the template and print it out).

Step 1: Cut Template & Fabric

For this beach ball you can use slightly larger scrap fabric that would normally be thrown away or you can cut some out. Print out the template whatever size you want and cut the template out. Then place that onto the fabric and cut the fabric in these colors: Three pieces white, one piece blue, one piece yellow, one piece red.

Step 2: Start to Sew

Start of with the pieces laid out as shown in the last step (this will make the design easier). Take two pieces and lay them down as the first pic shows and sew one line, also RE-ENFORCE THE ENDS. Now grab another piece and sew that on. Keep doing this till you have one piece left that has not been sewn yet and stop.

Step 3: Finish Sewing

On this step sew one side of the last piece on like the other pieces. The last stitch may be a bit harder than the other pieces. Align the last edges and sew a stitch down that last row.

Step 4: Flip

Turn the ball inside out. Yes, that was all this step was. You may be thinking, “that is a waist of a step,” but it is an essential step to make it look nice.

Step 5: Stuff

Be careful when stuffing the filling in. You will need a bit less than a handful of polyester filling and put it in the ball.

Step 6: Cut and Glue Ends

Cut two small circles out of white felt and glue them on either open end of the ball with hot glue. Now your ball is done.