Introduction: Sexy and Cute Top From Old T-shirt

Have an old or over sized T shirt? Well....what are you waiting for...go convert it to this sexy...and cute top!
what makes it cute?? well I think the ric rac rose is sooo cute and that gives an added  cute touch :-D

Step 1: Materials

sewing machine
over sized t shirt
ric rack ribbon
needle and general sewing equipment :-)

Step 2: Draw Up Your Pattern

Before chop up your T's always better to draw up our pattern...else you just might be just chopping and then throwing up your baggy T!

Step 3: Cut Up!

We will be using the bottom for the top turn your T upside down
Measure the length from upper bust to waist...add 1" for sewing and cut up.
cut the rest up to form a rectangle for the skirt bit.

Step 4: Add Your Box Pleat!

Using the bottom part for the top of your sexy top...start making box pleats
...pleat till you get the measurement of 1 or 2" larger than your bust
tack and sew at both the top and bottom.

Step 5: The Skirt

Place wrong side facing each other with the top being about 1" from the Flip over and sew the other side too (as you would notice the other side will also have the 1" overlap)
Now spread open and sew the flap so that you may send a cord through.
Please check picture!
Once done..
Place your top near the the cord area on either make large box pleats so that the skirt will come to the width of the away!
Now place the right side of top and skirt facing each other and join both by sewing around.
Almost done!

Step 6: Raunching Up!

To gather the sides up make a small hole in the cord area around the waist ( remember the side flap??)
Cut a cord cut from the extra pieces of T shirt you have left around.
pass cord through the cord flap and out of the hole at with a know to a washer...thought that gives an extra touch :-)

Now hem the bottom and make sure you secure the cord while you hem it!

Ooops forgot...add elastic to the top so it would not fall off ! haha

Well...what do you think??
want to add cute??
follow next step  :-)

Step 7: Ric Rac Rose Embllishment!

Now that we have sexy...let's make cute!
get your ric rac ribbon and interlock it to along the edge and secure.
now roll up till you have the desired glue at the felt or fabric leaves and hot glue too.
For hair embellishment attach to a clip !
There you have it!
some thing cute to add to your dress and something cute for a little princess too!

Step 8: Go Steam Up the Party

Now that you have your sexy top...go steam up some party!

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Thanks so much for reading!

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