Introduction: Shake Game

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This game is a very quick and easy, two player game that anyone can play. It is a very simple but highly competitive game. This game is not only easy to make but easy to play witch makes it the the perfect game for all ages.

Step 1: Rules

The rules of the game are very simple. Two people stand face to face holding there shakers from the middle where the tape is. With the shaker so that all there marbles are at the bottom of a bottle. A third person (the referee ) then says "go". As soon as the referee says "go" the two competitors can turn the bottle over. Then the two competitors must shake the shaker as fast as possible so that the marbles fall through the neck of the shaker. The person with all their marbles at the bottom first wins.

Step 2: You Will Need

All you need to make the game is:

  • Marbles (I used about 120 in total I put 60 in each shaker)
  • 4 identical transparent plastic drinking bottles.
  • Some duct tape

Step 3: Marbles

Half your marbles into two bowls. This is so that each shaker will have the same amount of marbles. This will make it a fair and equal game. One thing to note is that when this game is played for long periods of time (I was playing for about an hour with my friends) some of the marbles might break depending on how vigorously you sake. Another alliterative is to use moam pinball's. I was going to use them however you have to make sure the bottles are completely dry otherwise they will stick to the bottle.

Step 4: Tape

Tape the two bottles together. Do this for both sets of shaker. Make sure that the tape is very tight on the neck of the bottle. This is because when shaken it will need to be suck tight so that it stays together. Make sure the necks of the bottle are perfectly aligned as this will make both bottles fair.

Step 5: Play!

Have fun playing with friends and family. It is a very competitive game and doesnt take very long to play. This is good for a large group because everyone gets a go quickly and no one is waiting for a long time to play. Hope you enjoyed reading.