Introduction: Shark Tooth Earrings

Hello and Welcome to my 120th Instructable!

Through reading this ‘ible you should be able to gain the knowledge on how to make a pair of Shark Tooth Earrings – using real shark teeth – If you like this project, please support me and my channel by voting for me! (I would appreciate it )

Before we get into the process of making your new earrings you will have to gather all the items required:

  1. Two Shark Teeth
  2. About 5” of jewellery wire
  3. A small pair of pliers and possibly a pair of tweezers
  4. Superlue
  5. A steady hand
  6. Tiny beads that will thread onto the wire(optional)
  7. A pair of earrings for size comparison – they have to be the correct clasp type (pictured)(Fish hook clasp)
  8. At least one full read through this ‘ible to understand what everything is for – read the image notes too!

I got my Shark Teeth quite a long time ago off a 5.5’ Black Tip Reef Shark by doing some dental work on it – Don’t try this at home! Instead, take notice of this ‘ible and try finding your own teeth or just buy some.

A friend of mine had given me the idea to do this ‘ible when they saw my work on a previous pair of earrings I made, they said “You really should put a pair of those on your channel!” So, I did.

Once you have everything (Or you are interested enough) you can move onto the next step!

Step 1: Step One

So, you were interested enough to make it to step one!

Okay, the first thing you will have to do is make the connection between the wire and the shark teeth, there is going to be a few ways you can do this depending on the way you place the tooth on the workplace. For example; you can have the bevel side up or bevel side down, I have shown a photo and tagged the appropriate sides – I made my earrings with the bevelled side out (in front) so the wire can sit into the “slot” on the back of the tooth.

You will need to prepare your superglue by unscrewing the lid, remember to only use a small drop (when it is time).

Firstly, cut the wire exactly in half and put aside one half, we are making one earring at a time here!

Next you are going to place the wire where you think it best sits in the small hollow on the back of the tooth, make sure the wire comes straight out of the top of the tooth and not on an angle.

When you have it all sorted and you are happy with the wire placement, go ahead and place a drop of superglue onto the tip of the wire and the tooth bonding them together.

Being careful to not move either the wire or the tooth, let the glue set and make sure you are 100% happy with the placement, if you are not happy, you *Can* rip the wire of now but you will slightly damage your tooth.

If you are happy with everything right now, move on to step two!

Step 2: Step 2

OK, here is where you need to decide on that bead – do you want it or not?

I added a bead to mine, I think it needs it to fill a bit of the gap between the tooth and the ear.

If you put the bead on, you do not have to glue it to the tooth or the wire if you don’t want to, you can leave it free running like I have left mine. If you do not want the bead, that is alright – remember, these are your earrings and you can decide what and what not to do with them.

Now we have the bead out of the way it is time to secure the wire firmly to the tooth, you will have to add a few more drops of glue but only one by one otherwise it will run – that is not going to be good for the finished project at all.

Once the tooth is securely glued to the wire you can go ahead and repeat the process with the next tooth.

Move on to step three when both teeth /and beads are on the wire.

Step 3: STEP Three

Here is the part where we make the hook that connects the earring to your ear, it (for me) was hard to get the curve right – this is where the other pair of finished earrings come in to play, you are going to attempt to closely match the curve of the hook.

Use the pliers and hold the wire above the top feature (Bead or tooth) holding the pliers firmly will decrease the chance of the tooth snapping off when you bend the wire.

Now you can bend the wire into the correct shape with either a second pair of pliers or tweezers (or just your fingers like I did).

Once you have you hook complete on both earrings you can try them for size and adjust if needed. If you are finally happy with the curve of the hook you can go ahead and trim the tag end to a suitable length and finish the project!

P.S. I am sorry for the lack of action shots, it was hard to make and photograph at the same time...

Thank you for making it to the end of ‘ible 120! Now, if you want a PRO membership to Instructables read the next step :)


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