Introduction: Sherlock Holmes Kit in Tinkercad

If you like Sherlock Holmes and Tinkercad, this one is for you. Sherlock Holmes is my favorite character and Tinkercad is my favorite website. I thought I could combine them together. Let's start!!

Step 1: The Stick

For making the stick, you have to get cylinder shape and change the size as a size of a straw. Then, get the scribble block and make a shape like the handle of a stick. Place it on top of the cylinder and group them altogether.

Step 2: The Hat

For making the hat, take the cube shape and flaten it down. Increase the radius so that it looks like a oval. Then, place a cylinder on top of it.

Step 3: The Pipe

Take a cube and increase the radius. Take the cylinder and make it as thin as a straw. Attach it to the cube.

Step 4: Final Kit

This is my final kit. Hope my steps were understandable and you guys like it.

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