Introduction: Side Button Knot

Bruce Grant in "How to Make Cowboy Horse Gear" calls this the side button knot. I show an easier way IMO to make the base knot.

This tutorial uses a 4 lead 5 bight Turkshead knot as a base.

To cover the quarter I used about 3' of 1/16" cotton cord. About 6" remained to be trimmed off

For the pink bracelet I added an extra over, under tuck in step one. This made a 4 lead, 9 bight base.

I followed the basic pattern as outlined in the instructions.

Step 1:

Bring WE (Working End) around mandrel over under.

Here is where you would make an extra over under tuck if you want to increase the base.

Step 2:

Bring WE over and then under Standing End.

Step 3:

continue under, over

Step 4:

over, under

Step 5:

Over the standing end and then go up under, over under.

Step 6:

Bring WE over, under, over.

This completes the 4 lead 5 bight base.

Step 7:

Bring WE parallel to standing end under, over, under

Step 8:

Bring WE down over 2, under, over.

Step 9:

continue under 2, over, under.

Step 10:

continue down over 2, under 2, over.

Step 11:

and up under 2, over 2, under

Step 12:

and down over 2, under 2, over 2.

Step 13:

and up under two, over 2, under 2.

Step 14:

The last p[ass is over 2, under 2, over 2 to complete the knot.

Step 15:

If you desire you can bring the WE parallel to the standing end and double the knot.

Step 16:

Completed knot tightened.

Compare the side button knot to the Spanish ring knot -