Introduction: Silent Hill Origins Flauros

Ever get stuck fighting a giant demon god and think to yourself

"Man! If there was only something I could capture him in!"

Well you're in luck, because with this short, easy instructable you can be on your way to imprisoning those giant ghastly demons! :D

this flauros makes a good prop and it lights up! ^_^

Step 1: Materials

-wooden dowel rods .5cm x 30 cm (I got a 16 pack)
-plastic container, available at target for $4
- led candle light, or any other small light
-brown paint
-orange paint
-brown spray paint

-hot glue/ gun
-dremel saw, or scissors

Step 2: Triangles

first you should print our this triangle with your computer, make each side measure 2"

cut out the triangle template

then using a sharpie, outline 16 triangles using the template onto your plastic box

then cut each triangle out with scissors or a small dremel saw

Step 3: Base

using the triangle template, outline 4 triangles creating a side of the base,

then cut your dowel rods to length and use hot glue to keep them together.

remember to leave one bar out so you can fit the light in later.

sand the sides of the base down so they are flat

Spray paint the base a dark brown

Step 4: Paint

mix the orange and brown paint to make a bronze-ish color
paint all of the triangles this color, but before they dry, dab them with a paper towel so the plastic is see-through but still retains a bronze color

optional (draw the symbols on the flauros, sorry i dont have references)

Step 5: Glue the Sides

you may have to cut your triangles a bit in order to make them fit, snugly and smoothly against  the base,

but glue them all in place except for the pieces that go to the bottom side

you should glue the pieces so the painted side faces inwards

Step 6: The Light

take one of the triangles and drill a small hole in  the center
this is going to be where the light switch goes.

at this point you are going to stick the light inside and glue the last bar in, and glue the light so it sticks to t hat bar,

match the hole to the switch, and  glue the triangle in place.

now finish gluing in the bottom pieces

Step 7: Finally

you are done! :D

have fun trapping demons with your new flauros!

i just want to warn everybody not to just glue the triangles on without really fitting them, because the prop turns out horribly.