Introduction: Wooden Finn

I'm sure most of you have seen or know about Adventure Time.
And for those of you that have it's nearly impossible to not love every single character.
Well today I'm going to show you how to create a cute yet simple wooden Finn that can sit almost anywhere!
Made entirely from wood and string.

Step 1: Materials

Any chunk of wood around 1.5" thickness
heavy string/rope
3/4" wooden strips, (used for bordering)
3/4" wooden rod (I used a broken broom handle)
small button

Dremel with rotational sander around 1.5 cm in diameter
Wood saw (any kind that'll get the job done)
Drill with various bits
Paint (acrylic and spray)

Step 2: Finn's Head

Take your chunk o' wood and draw out a rectangle around 1.5" height and 1.75" length.

Use your saw to make yourself a nice cube-ish block and sand down the sides and corners.

Then take your dremel and sand away at the top for about 0.25" in the middle, leave the outer sides intact, because those will be the ears of Finn's hat. Use a file to smooth it out.

Then on the side that you want the face hold your dremel so that the sander will push into the wood creating an indent, do so until you have a good smooth section that looks like the front of his face.

Put masking tape in the indent, and spray paint the head white.

Peel off the tape and draw on your face with a sharpie.

Step 3:

Saw out another piece of wood 1.75" in length and 2.75" in height.

Sand down the sides, round the bottom.

At this point you need to drill two holes from bottom to top, and one from side to side (Use picture reference)
The width of the holes depends entirely on the size of string you us, to make it large enough for those.

Remove the section in the middle. You can do so with a pair of pliers and a little tugging.

light blue on top half, darker blue on bottom.

Now take a long piece of string and thread it through the bottom hole up to the top and back to the bottom using the other hole.

Another piece of string should go through the hole on the side.

These will be Finn's appendages. Make them as long as you like, remember you can cut off excess in the future.

Step 4: Hands

Take your two wooden strips, they should be about 1.25" in length.

All you need to do is use your demel to make them look generally hand-shaped.

Then drill a hole in the base of the hand and round off the base.

Tie these off to the string being use for his arms. Cut off excess string.

Step 5: Feet

Take your rod and saw off two 1 1/8" sections. These will be Finn's shoes.

Drill holes about the size of the string through them

then drill a hole that is slightly larger half way through the bottom half.
(You'll see why in a bit)

Use your dremel to take off a bit of the top half giving them a bit more likeliness to that of shoes.

Spray paint black.

After it dries thread the leg strings through them to a length you find appropriate

Tie a knot in the string and cut off the remaining excess.

Now if you give a small tug on the feet the knot should fit into the larger hole in the feet, but not go through, becoming flesh with the bottom.

Step 6: Backpack

Cut out a block and sand until it is around 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.75"

Use hot glue to glue the small button onto the upper portion of one side.

Paint the bottom half and the button dark green and the top half light green.

Step 7: Final Assembly

hot glue the head to the body and the backpack to the body.

Use sharpie for cleaner lines on the body and backpack.

Enjoy your wooden Finn!

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