Introduction: Silver Crystal Pendant

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This is a very quick project and you can put your own twist on the design. This looks similar to the first pendant I made only because I cut it in a similar shape. This method allows for a wider range of designs rather than just using beads to hold the crystals.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

- cutting tool like sharp pliers

- tweezers or needle nose pliers

- necklace chain with clasp (Mine is 18'')

- Crystals- I used Swavorski elements 3mm crystals, I used one hot fix type and one regular type (hot fix crystals have a slightly flatter top)

- glue (e6000 or Swavorski crystal glue work best)

- Stamping plate (soft) or flat pendant (I didn't actually do any stamping I only used it as a base)

- Straight headpins (these weren't really used for their intended purpose either) I got the ones with a crystal tip but you could get the same look by gluing your own crystal to a regular headpin)

- Sandpaper or file

Step 2: Shape the Plate

This is optional if you are already happy with the shape of your plate but I rounded and thinned mine so it would work better with the round crystals.

Use the sharp pliers to cut the plate into whatever shape you would like. You could even start with a much larger sheet and make a totally unique base as well.

I suggest placing some crystals (without glue) on the plate to see how many you want to fit on there and then trim the excess for best results.

Sand/file down any rough edges and lines.

Careful not to cut through the holes! Soft metal is very fragile but harder metal is a pain to shape.

Step 3: Create Hooks and Attach the Pendant

Use pliers to bend the headpins into little hooks. Try to make them as small as possible while still being able to hook through the pendant and chain. Make one for each hole in your pendant.

To make the loop just hold the headpin in the pliers at the base and wrap it as tight as it will go around the nose of the pliers (you can adjust it with your fingers as well) then cut off the excess with the sharp pliers.

Link the chain into the hook along with the pendant and close the hook with your pliers. (This is easier said then done) Careful not to squeeze the metal too hard with the pliers, it will bend easily.

Now the pendant should be attached to the chain. I dabbed some glue on the back of the crystals (the ones on the pin) so that they wouldn't drop down at all.

Step 4: Plan Out and Apply Your Crystal Design

Make sure to lay your crystals on the pendant before gluing so that you know how many will fit. Shown are some patterns I tried. Once you have your design apply glue one row at a time and place the crystals firmly. Let dry.

Step 5: Finished!

Once dry you can wear or gift your necklace! I might even add more plates to this necklace so it has crystals all the way around. Thank you for looking at my instructable and if you have any questions just ask!
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