Introduction: Simple Braided Bracelet!

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Today's easy craft is Braiding! A simple stylish way to make bracelets!

I hope you will enjoy this, and put it to good use!

Step 1: What You'll Need Is...

First of all, this is a very simple way to braid! And If you don't get it right away, don't feel bad! It took me a while to get it down.
What you'll need is:
1. A Ruler,
2. 3 Colors of yarn,
3. Scissors,
4. Something heavy and an office clip,
5. Hands!

Step 2: Measuring...

Step 1: take your yarn, and measure you wrist/ ankle (whatever you want to put it on!) and add 2 inches with your ruler,
That will be your Bracelet size. Tip: if it it doesn't feel right, add another inch of slack, but don't make it a tight fit, let it be at least 1 to 2 inches of slack,
Braiding will need a lot of slack. Step 2: after you have one strand of measured yarn, instead of measuring each one, put the other colors up to you
Measured one, and then cut them where they are all even.

Step 3: Braiding!

Now that you have your measured yarn, take the ends that are slightly uneven, and tie them. Now, take your office clip, and clip the edge of your knot.
Now take a small scrap of paper, like post-it note sized, and clip it to the other edge of the office clip. Now get your heavy objects, like some books
And put the paper under it. Now, for the braiding.... Take your strands, and take one of the edge ones, and put it over the middle, now in my picture,
The pink one is in the middle now, then take the blue one, and put it over the pink one! ( keep in mind, don't memorize the colors, my colors
Are just an example!) now take the one on the left, over the middle, also, keep pulling tight, or you'll have what I call, a soggy braid. Now the right to the
Middle, now the left to the middle! Repeat that until you have a full braid! Leave about an inch left for tying, after that, you have a stylish trend setting