Introduction: Simple, Easy, and Fun Hawkeye Bow

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I apologize for lack of progress pics, but it never occurred to me as an instructible, so I will be as explicit as possible. It shoots great, and I will later be posting a set of arrows and a quiver.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need: a PVC pipe( I used 1/2" diameter), a saw or PVC cutting tool, a hand drill, 550 paracord(navy blue or black), and duct tape of black, grey, and purple.

Step 2: Build the Bow

Take your PVC and cut it so that it is to the nearest foot of your height (For example I am 5 foot three, so I cut it to be 5 feet long). Next, drill holes in the ends of the pipe big enough to put your string through. And take your black tape and cover the entire bow from tip to tip so that is completely black. Next take your grey duct tape and wrap it around the middle of the bow three to four times so that you have a grip. cover this in purple duct tape. Take some more purple duck tape and wrap around the tips as shown in the pictures to cover up the holes and cut out the parts were you need the holes but not at the top.

Step 3: String the Bow

Take your paracord and string it through the holes you drilled. Tie a figure eight knot at the end( or an overhand knot). Have a friend help you bend the bow will you string the other end through the drilled holes. Repeat what you did for the first end. afterwards, the tension should hold the string together and tighten them up for you. You should get a nice bend in the bow. The part where you wrapped the grey tape then the purple tape acts as a hand grip and will help prevent injury if the bow breaks.

Step 4: Have Fun!

Now go and wear with your best Hawkeye suit!