Introduction: Simple Miniature Stage for Birthday Party

Hey Friends................

Here In this Instructable I introduce a Miniature stage for Birthday Party with Thermocol.

This instructable is made by easily available materials in our home.

The miniature stage is used as a decoration to our visiting room.

The Stage consists of Floor and Wall.It can be decorated by using papers,beads and acrylic paints.It increases the beauty of stage.

Please enjoy with my stage making.

Lets START my friends......

Step 1: Supplies

  • Thermocol
  • Color paper
  • Beads
  • Fevicol
  • Scissors
  • Sketch Pen
  • Blade
  • Painting Brush
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic Paints

I use the 2 pieces of Thermocol. One is in the square shape of length 10 cm and the other is in the shape of rectangle of length 10 cm and width 5 cm.

I use the Yellow color paper

Beads of color Gold and Blue

I use the sketch pen of color RED

For the painting process I use RED and WHITE Acrylic paints.

Step 2: Wall Shaping

In this step we have to make a wall with attractive shape.

I make a heart shape head for the wall.

We choose the wall as the square shaped piece of thermocol.

Draw the head of the heart shape on the top of the thermocol.

Cut it with the Blade to get a shape.

We get a beatiful shape for our stage wall...

Step 3: Decoration With Beads on Wall

Here we have to decorate our stage wall.

For this we need Gold colored beads.

Apply fevicol on the edges of the the heart shaped wall.

Arrange the beads to make the wall beautiful.

Keep it for dry.

We get a attractive heart shaped wall.

Step 4: Decoration With Paper on Wall

Here we have to decorate the walls with paper

Make a heart shape on the yellow color paper.

Here we have to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the paper. So we want to write each letters on each heart shaped paper using RED color sketch pen.

Apply fevicol on each paper and attach it to the wall

Step 5: Decoration of Floor With Beads

Before the decoration of the stage we have to attach the floor of the stage to the wall.

Apply the fevicol on the bottom part of the wall and attach the floor to it.

Keep it for dry.

After sometimes we have to decorate the floor.

We need a Blue color beads for the floor.

Apply fevicol on the edges of the floor and arrange the beads with a attractive manner.

Keep it for dry..

Step 6: Painting

In this step we have to paint the stage to make attractive.

Apply the WHITE acrylic paint on the sides and face of the floor by using Brush.

Apply the RED Acrylic paint on the sides of the heart shaped wall by using Brush.

Keep it for dry.

Step 7: Finish

Our miniature stage is READY.....

Enjoy with my work...

It is only for decorating our visiting room.

It's a simple miniature stage with attractive colors and shapes...

Please try to do it in your home....

THANK YOU my friends...............

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