Introduction: Slave Bracelet From Unused Jewelry

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Slave bracelets are a gorgeous jewelry piece that you can make yourself from your unused jewelry. In this instructable I'll explain how you can take some pliers, split rings, and your own taste to make a great new piece you'll love to wear.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You're going to need:

  • Tape measure
  • Pliers (the smaller the better)
  • Any unused or broken jewelry
  • Extra split rings
  • And extra clasps if your current unused jewelry doesn't have any.

Step 2: Measure

We need three measurements.

  1. Finger: You need to measure the fattest part of your middle finger.
  2. Ring to bracelet length: Measure from just above your knuckle to where a bracelet sits on your wrist.
  3. Wrist measurement: Measure around your wrist being sure not to make it too tight.

Once your measurements are done, I usually tape my measuring tape to my work surface for easy reference, but you can also draw yourself a guide to help you plan your piece. Use your tape measure to mark how much chain you'll need to make your ring, bracelet, and connecting chain.

Step 3: Sort & Design

Go through your jewelry and see what you've got to work with. I usually completely take apart my pieces so I can make the most combinations.

The fun part.... design your new piece. Whether you use your guide or just the tape measure you should try to stick to your measurements. You can shorten and lengthen your chains by opening up individual links and add what chain you need, or remove any extra links. You can add charms, or just mix up the different styles of chain. The possibilities are endless.

See what you can make a ring out of, a bracelet out of, and what you could use to connect them.

Step 4: Put Together With Split Rings

Whether your putting chain to chain, or a charm on a single link, split rings make it easy.

Simply grab each ring with pliers and pull apart to open, or squeeze together to close.

Assemble your design.

*I started mine by putting a small chain with a few butterfly charms to make my ring. Then I used split rings to connect my ring to the long chain that will connect to my bracelet. Next I attached that long chain to a charm, the charm to my bracelet and lastly added a few links and a clasp to the bracelet.

Step 5: Wear and Enjoy

See what new designs and combinations you can come up with. :)

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